We provide sector-independent ICT services for the central government as well as information and data communications technology services that meet the requirements of high preparedness and security

Working for the Government – seamlessly and securely

We value both seamlessness and security.

We have tens of thousands of service users, which means that the results of our work have wide-ranging effects!

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Valtori’s 2018 financial statements published
13.3.2019 /

Valtori’s 2018 financial statements published

The year 2018 was Valtori’s fifth year in business. The harmonisation of customer-specific solutions that were transferred to Valtori proceeded according to plans, but achieving the target state will still take several years of purposeful development. Harmonised services enable high data security, efficient maintenance and systematic service development.

One Valtori for more harmonised operations
20.2.2019 /

One Valtori for more harmonised operations

On 1 April 2019, the Government ICT Centre Valtori will adopt a new organisation – One Valtori. The objective is to have operations that are as unified and customer oriented as possible. The change also supports Valtori’s new strategy, with first-class customer experience and understanding forming its core.

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