Organisation and steering

Valtori's operations are based on legislation and decrees

Valtori is an agency that operates in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Finance and provides basic IT services in accordance with the Act  (1226/2013) and Decree (132/2014) on the Arrangement of the State's Common ICT Services and on the Act (10/2015) and the Decree (1109/2015) on the Public Administration’s Security Network Activities.

In accordance with the Act on the Arrangement of the State's Common ICT Services, the Ministry of Finance is responsible for providing strategic guidance to Valtori, steering ICT preparedness, readiness and security and providing guidance concerning business policies. It is also responsible for defining Valtori’s long-term policies and objectives for results.

In accordance with the Act on the Public Administration’s Security Network Activities, the Ministry of Finance is responsible for the general administrative, strategic and financial guidance and supervision of security network activities, as well as for the guidance and supervision of ICT preparedness, readiness and security. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for providing guidance and supervision to the security network service production after consulting the TUVE advisory council.

Valtori's steering model

Valtori’s Board of Directors steers and supervises Valtori's operations and ensures that Valtori complies with the guidance provided by the Ministry of Finance.

Valtori’s customer advisory board supports customer steering and operational development.

The advisory board for security network activities supports the Ministry of Finance in the strategic and financial guidance of security network activities, guidance of ICT preparedness, readiness and security, as well as the steering of security network service production.

Valtori’s organisation

Managing Director: Pasi Lehmus; Customer Relations: Jouni Mustonen; Services and Development: Jari Virtanen; User Support: Sakari Marttila; Production: Tero Latvakangas; Internal Services: Mikko Vuorikoski; Communications: Leena-Mari Tanskanen; Employee representative: Mika Knuutila.

Most Valtori employees work in production, user support and services:

  • Production involves running services in the production phase and ensuring the functioning of such services.
  • User support provides support to our service users through a service portal, via phone and through remote systems or on site, as necessary.
  • In service, we focus on the development of services that are in the production phase and the development of future services. In addition, our operations employ project managers and people responsible for information security and architecture.

Customer service managers working with customers are the contact persons for our customers’ information management representatives. They are responsible for the comprehensive management of customer relationships in accordance with the customer management process and the cooperation methods agreed together with the customers.

Internal Services and Communications are Valtori’s internal support functions that provide support to other Valtori employees. Some of the employees of these units, such as those with financial responsibilities, also work with our customers.

Valtori is led by its CEO. Pasi Lehmus, M.Sc. (Eng), started as Valtori’s CEO in July 2016.