Valtori is an agency that operates in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Finance. It provides basic IT services in accordance with the Act (1226/2013) and Decree (132/2014) on the Arrangement of the State's Common ICT Services and on the Act (10/2015) and the Decree (1109/2015) on the Public Administration’s Security Network Activities.

In accordance with the Act on the Arrangement of the State's Common ICT Services, the Ministry of Finance is responsible for providing strategic guidance to Valtori, steering ICT preparedness, readiness and security and providing guidance concerning business policies. It is also responsible for defining Valtori’s long-term policies and objectives for results.

In accordance with the Act on the Public Administration’s Security Network Activities, the Ministry of Finance is responsible for the general administrative, strategic and financial guidance and supervision of security network activities, as well as for the guidance and supervision of ICT preparedness, readiness and security. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for providing guidance and supervision to the security network service production after consulting the TUVE advisory council.

Steering model

Valtori’s customer advisory board supports customer steering and operational development.

The advisory board for security network activities supports the Ministry of Finance in the strategic and financial guidance of security network activities, guidance of ICT preparedness, readiness and security, as well as the steering of security network service production.

Valtori’s organisation

Valtori reformed its organisation in Spring 2022 to meet its renewed, customer-oriented strategy. At the heart of the strategy is the vision: we want to be the ICT partner that enables the customer’s success.

CEO: Marja Rantala, Customer experience: Jari Virtanen, Joint services: Hannu Naumanen, Tori services: Matti Asikainen, Tuve services: Sakari Marttila, Security: Hannu Naumanen, Personnel experience: Aino Heikkinen, Finances and efficiency: Antti Uusitalo, Communications and marketing: Maija Ilvonen and Strategy process: Mira Holmroos-Kolari.

Image: Valtori's profit centres and their directors (image source: Valtori)

Our task at Valtori is to ensure that the everyday use of ICT services and tools in the central government is seamless and secure.

On Valtori's profit centres: 

  • Customer experience ensures the improvement of a comprehensive customer experience based on customer needs. The centre employs, for example, customer managers and customer service managers who work in close cooperation with our customers.
  • Joint services, Tori services and Tuve services develop services that solve customer needs and are responsible for their entire life cycle. Profit centres implement customer promises in continuous services and commissioning. Most of Valtori employees, about 80%, work in these profit centres.
    • Joint services is responsible for the services available to all customers. These include, for example, information security services.
    • Tori services focus on providing services used in the central government's shared network. These include, for example, mobile workstations and phones.
    • Tuve services, on the other hand, provide services for the security network used by security authorities. 
  • Security is responsible for managing comprehensive security and forming a situational picture. In the centre, information security and cyber security experts work together with incident management and control room operations.
  • Personnel experience creates an excellent customer experience through a first-class staff experience. In addition to statutory employment contracts, the centre works on strategic personnel management, continuous competence development and employee wellbeing.
  • Finances and efficiency work to ensure economic efficiency and continuous improvement in the quality of operations. The centre employs, among others, financial, procurement and document management professionals.
  • Communication and marketing promote effective communication with different stakeholders to improve the customer and personnel experience. The primary task is to lead and enable Valtori level high-quality communications with different stakeholders with clear frameworks. In addition, the department provides communication channels, coaching, communication support and solutions.

Valtori is led by its CEO.