Our strategy defines Valtori’s long-term objectives and focus areas. In accordance with Valtori’s vision “Working for the Government – seamlessly and securely”, we want to make the everyday life of our customers easier and ensure the continuity of our customers’ operations.

The key focus areas defined in the strategy for 2019–2022 help implement a customer-centric vision and meet the change and development needs of Valtori.

First-class customer experience and understanding is the most important strategic focus area. In addition, focus areas include

  • Reliable, safe and flexible services
  • Excellent employee experience and expertise
  • Streamlined operations and management

Further information on Valtori strategy (pdf).

First-class customer experience and understanding; Reliable, safe and flexible services; Streamlined operations and management; Excellent employee experience and expertise.

Figure: Valtori´s strategy 2019-2022 (source: Valtori)

The Ministry of Finance steers Valtori’s performance

The Ministry of Finance and Valtori conclude an annual performance agreement to agree on Valtori’s objectives.

Valtori's values are Responsibility, Standard operating practices, Doing together, Continuous development and Good working environment

  • Responsibility: We take responsibility for our operations: we keep our promises and support each other.
  • Standard operating practices: We commit to standard operating practices and act in the overall interests of the government.
  • Doing together: We work with customers, service providers and colleagues towards our common goals.
  • Continuous development: We constantly develop our operations and services to meet the needs of our customers. I will develop my own skills.
  • Good working environment: We have a pleasant work community, flexible working arrangements and diverse professional development opportunities.