Valtori sustainability report 2023

At Government ICT Centre Valtori, we develop, maintain and protect the country’s largest ICT environment with our partners to help our customers succeed so that we can bring Finland forward together.

Photo Marja Rantala. Much has happened again in a year – both around the world, in Finland, in the central government and at Valtori. Changes in the security situation, the establishment of remote work, shared working environments and customer service points, and the central government’s productivity programme affect the operations of Valtori, our customers and our partners. 

Valtori plays a strong role in enhancing the efficiency of the central government’s shared ICT services and in using new technologies in accordance with the policies of our recent service strategy. The aim is to improve the productivity of central government through digitalisation, and Valtori plays a key role in this. The Valo development programme for Valtori’s internal operating models was launched in summer 2023 and will last until the end of this year. The Valo programme includes development measures related to management, administration, cooperation, finance, supplier management and information management.   

We are currently having a discussion between Valtori employees about the values, how they would genuinely guide everyday cooperation and decision-making, how we could keep them clear in our minds and gain a genuine impact from them. Sustainability is one of our values. At best, values clarify everyday activities and guide decision-making. The importance of sustainable development is emphasised in both strategic and everyday choices. Also at Valtori. 

In our sustainability activities, we will look more strongly to the future. In 2024, we have for the first time agreed on promoting sustainability in the performance agreement. In 2024, we as Valtori have also committed to implementing 10 sustainability actions. A large number of Valtori employees participated in the brainstorming, identification and evaluation of the action, and Valtori’s management team decided on the action.

In this Valtori sustainability report 2023, we will focus on the promotion of sustainable development (handprint) and the sustainability of operations (footprint) in 2023. In the section Looking at 2024, will also take a peek at 2024.

Marja Rantala, Managing Director