Working at Valtori

At Valtori, you will have opportunities to develop and succeed.

As Valtori employees, we are building a digital Finland with the new technologies and tools used by Valtori and we are harmonising the basic information technology in public administration.

Valtori’s services enable citizens to use, for example, tax services and services related to vehicle management, as well as electronic identification in digital services provided by the public administration.

Valtori is a vantage point

Valtori is creating the foundation for the digitalisation of public administration. You will be working as part of the leading competence network in the field of ICT in Finland while serving a large and diverse clientele. Our work creates direct benefits to society, so each member of the Valtori team will be contributing to the common good.

Our customers include the various agencies of central government and the highest decision-makers in Finland. We facilitate the everyday activities of our customers by providing them with intelligent solutions. Our objective is to create a culture that is based on trust and appreciation, and we want to provide our employees with interesting and challenging tasks.

Thus, the well-being of employees and their experience of meaningful work are important for Valtori. Our job satisfaction surveys show consistently improving results, which speaks volumes for our success as an employer. We want the skills and objectives of our employees to meet the strategic objectives of Valtori.

We provide our employees with opportunities to participate, develop and maintain their expertise. We offer our staff a wide range of paths to progress in their careers. In addition, Valtori offers the opportunity to innovate.

Are you interested in Valtori?

We advertise our open positions and traineeships in the portal, which also provides the option to subscribe to feeds. Check them out and submit your application!

Valtori will look after your well-being

We offer the following employee benefits:

  • a meal benefit of 25% of the meal price
  • remote work in accordance with a separate agreement concluded with the employer
  • flexitime and equalisation of working hours as time off
  • option to negotiate other flexible work time arrangements
  • based on work experience, up to 38 annual holiday days (Saturdays not counted)
  • saving holiday days
  • company phone for employees working in certain positions
  • free coffee and tea in Valtori offices

We support the development of our employees in the following ways:

  • paid support for independent studies for 15 days
  • unit-specific development days
  • training

We support the work ability and health of our employees in the following ways:

  • comprehensive occupational health care
  • ergonomic assistive devices for work and special work glasses
  • seasonal influenza vaccines

We support the recreational activities of our employees in the following ways:

  • sports and cultural benefits
  • unit-specific recreation days
  • personnel events

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