Social sustainability

At Valtori, social sustainability is reflected in our strategy by the meaningful work theme. Social sustainability is continuous work that requires the ability to identify practices that create inequalities, promote equal treatment and prevent bullying and discrimination. In Valtori’s operations, social sustainability affects not only our own personnel but also customers, partners and society as a whole. 

The aim is to reduce the negative social impacts of our activities. In 2023, management, equality and non-discrimination as well as inclusion and communality were emphasised in our social sustainability activities.  

We assess social sustainability and, in particular, job satisfaction annually, for example through VMBaro and Pulssi staff satisfaction surveys. In 2023, staff satisfaction improved slightly from the previous year.

Personnel satisfaction in 2019: 3,6; in 2020: 3,7; in 2021: 3,7; in 2022: 3,7 and in 2023: 3,8.

Image: Staff satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 5 (source: VMBaro, image source: Valtori)

Socially sustainable management

We worked on the principles of management together with supervisors and they were approved by the Valtori management team. The principles will be part of the performance targets in 2024. They promote success in supervisory and management work and guide toward the desired kind of management. Quality management strengthens a good staff experience.

The principles of management apply to all managers (directors, supervisors and all other leading roles). Good management ensures the quality of operations and the functioning of cooperation, and builds and maintains trust.

From the perspective of Valtori employees, observance of the principles promotes equal management and improves the quality of work, well-being at work and job satisfaction. Management enables participation and success together.

Principles of management

I lead together

  • I lead the activities towards common goals derived from the strategy.
  • I ensure that the specialism of Valtori employees is reflected in the solutions made.
  • We trust each other

I develop and renew

  • I observe, structure and benefit from new knowledge.
  • I ensure that the atmosphere in the work community enables continuous development.
  • I come up with ideas and develop our activities together with Valtori employees, partners and customers

I communicate and appreciate

  • I treat everyone with respect.
  • I communicate clearly and actively.
  • I dare to deal with even difficult issues boldly but humanly.
  • I listen and enable open dialogue and feedback.

The implementation of the principles of management can be used to strengthen experienced supervisory work as well as the activities of management and senior management that have proven to be reasonably good. The 2023 VMBaro’s managerial work score was 4.0 (on a scale of 1–5). A particular strength was the fair treatment of the immediate supervisor 4.4.

The management score was 3.1. Satisfaction was the greatest in being able to rely on the management of our work community 3.3. 

Equality and diversity

The new equality and non-discrimination plan for 2024–2025 was completed at the end of the year. The plan supports the development of Valtori’s work community, both equal and diverse. 

Staff diversity refers to differences between employees in terms of age, gender, language, family situation, state of health, work ability, educational background, values and personality. The development of new innovations, products and services as well as the shortage of labour are key reasons why the central government should also invest more strongly in the diversity of personnel and activities (source: Government human resources management forum: Promoting state diversity – final report).

An organisation that promotes diversity, equality and non-discrimination creates a positive employer image, which also allows Valtori to succeed as an organisation that produces attractive and persistent ICT services.

Objectives of the equality and non-discrimination plan: 

  • Valtori is a work community which the staff perceives as tolerant, equal and non-discriminating and where there is no discrimination, harassment or inappropriate treatment.
  • At Valtori, the diversity perspective is involved in personnel planning and recruitment.
  • Valtori is a workplace in which the competence of employees at different stages of their careers is taken into account in management.
  • At Valtori, each employee can continue their career at least until retirement age, regardless of any work ability challenges.

According to the VMBaro survey, the personnel perceive Valtori as an equal, fair and non-discriminatory workplace. The results of all of these have been above 4.0 throughout the 2020s (scale 1–5). 

Inclusion and communality

We increased influencing and participation opportunities as well as transparency in the development of shared issues. We used the Howspace platform in such areas as service strategy work, preparation of the principles of management, sustainability work, and the development of Valtori’s internal operating models.

Based on the results of the development work between the two teams, we prepared two material packages to support smooth cooperation between Valtori employees. The materials provide tips and instructions for strengthening team cooperation and intervening in inappropriate behaviour.

In addition to Valtori employees, we also shared a gamebook of multi-local work completed last year for the benefit of others.

At the beginning of the year, we introduced a whistleblower channel under the EU’s Whistleblower Directive. It makes it possible to provide direct feedback on shortcomings identified in our activities that it would be important to address.

Valtori employees feel that the operating culture of their work community is good. In 2023 and 2022, the VMBaro score was 4.2. 

Competence development and training opportunities

Valtori offers numerous opportunities for developing competence and training. 

In 2023, we implemented training in service management (ITIL), cloud training, product management coaching, project owner training and several other ICT training programmes.

  • eOppiva has plenty of training from information security to mental coping. Shared courses ensure uniform information for everyone.
  • In addition to face-to-face orientation, new Valtori members familiarised themselves with the ways of the house on eOppiva courses.
  • Competence development processes and operating models will be further developed and implemented (e.g. Osaava development).
  • 10 Valtori supervisors participated from autumn 2022 to spring 2023 in the peer and reverse mentoring of central government supervisors. 

36 specialists from the Valtori Akatemia trainee programme will continue working at Valtori in 2023. Approximately 85% of the participants of all five academy programmes so far are still employed by Valtori. 

The opportunities for learning and renewal at work are considered good, VMBaro in 2023 showed a result of 4.0 (in 2021 and 2022: 3.9).

Occupational health, safety and well-being at work

Valtori has the Good workplace operating model as a tool for safeguarding well-being. It contains instructions on how to manage all situations threatening well-being, from early intervention measures to a substance abuse programme, and how to deal with experiences of inappropriate treatment.

Valtori has extensive occupational health services and good occupational health cooperation. Occupational safety and health are implemented in accordance with legislation and government guidelines and regulations. According to VMBaro 2023, approximately 60% of the respondents felt that occupational health care supports their work ability at an excellent level (9 or 10 on a scale of 4 to 10), a quarter of the respondents considered the matter worth a score of 8.

Preventive well-being at work includes regular Vartti discussions, which also address well-being at work. According to the Pulssi survey, 85% of Valtori employees had discussions with their supervisor at least once a month in 2023 (in 2022: 86%).

In 2023, the activities of the Valtori occupational safety and health committee emphasised the strengthening and consolidation of occupational safety and health activities as Valtori got a full-time occupational safety and health manager after a few years. The committee contributed to promoting and strengthening the well-being and coping at work of the employees.

The majority of Valtori employees are satisfied with their own state of well-being at work. According to VMBaro 2023, almost half (42%, 516 people) of the respondents (1,241) felt that their well-being at work was at an excellent level (9 or 10 on a scale of 4–10). Almost the same number of respondents (430) gave the grade 8.