Central government organisations use various services produced by Valtori. Some organisations use a wide range, others have fewer. Valtori services include the central government’s shared basic ICT services, such as:

  • office network connections
  • secure remote connections
  • computers and related software
  • phones and related software

Organisations also have various IT systems related to their individual substance activities. The maintenance and user support of these systems is organised and provided by said organisations. 

Understandably, it can sometimes be difficult to know who to contact when it comes to the central government’s IT services. If necessary, you can turn to your information management services or Valtori user support to get more information. 

How to contact Valtori user support

Valtori user support is available for government employees through service portal support requests and by phone. You can find links to the service portals and the phone number for user support on your organisation’s intranet.

Primarily contact us through Valtori’s TOP and Tokka service portals. In urgent matters, please contact us by phone.

Contact information may vary by organisation and is intended for internal use by central government. For that reason, we cannot publish it in this context.

Services’ user instructions as a resource

You can find user instructions for Valtori services in the TOP service portal. For Government Security Network services, user instructions are available in the Customer Workspace Joiku.

For Valtori’s tips on using the services, see #valtorinitvinkit on X and Instagram.

On the eOppiva platform, you can learn how to use electronic tools. For example, eOppiva has courses on how to use software such as Microsoft Office programmes.

When you encounter an issue

You can often resolve a local IT issue by restarting your computer or phone. You can also try logging out and in again or switching to another web browser.

If this doesn´t resolve the issue, it may be a disruption that affects other users of the central government’s shared IT services as well.

  1. To the extent possible, try resolving the issue by following the instructions in the service portals.
  2. Before contacting user support, try to find out whether your colleagues are experiencing the same problem.
  3. If your matter is not urgent, use the service portal and the forms available there.
  4. If the issue will disrupt your work significantly, please call Valtori user support. You do not need to assess the extent or severity; Valtori user support will do so and initiate the necessary measures.
  5. Once your issue has been resolved, please fill in the feedback questionnaire. If necessary, you can reject the resolution within 4 to 5 days and the same support request will be opened again. Any later you will need to open a new request. Please do not respond to the resolution notification if you do not wish to reopen the request.

Read more instructions and tips on how to handle issues in the central government’s shared services.