Our task is to ensure that the central government’s ICT services and tools function smoothly and securely every day.

As a provider of central government ICT services, our services are used by other central government organisations. This means that the impacts of our operations, both positive and negative, are felt extensively. 

Our sustainability goals 

Sustainability is an integral part of our statutory duties. We take sustainable development into consideration in our operations and develop it continuously. 

The sustainability goals we are currently promoting are:

  1. We take sustainable development practices and responsibility into account in procurements from suppliers. 
  2. We apply sustainable development principles to the lifecycle management of ICT equipment and components.
  3. We reduce costs by investing in automation.
  4. We streamline customer interactions using digital channels.
  5. We ensure the continuity of Valtori’s operations in all security conditions.

Promoting sustainable development in everyday work

Our sustainability reports describe the promotion of sustainable development (handprint) and the responsibility of our operations (footprint). We publish the report annually.