We provide basic IT services for the entire central government. Our services enable government employees to do their work, even in exceptional situations.

We provide part of the service production ourselves and purchase a part of them from our partners. The services are provided in two different environments: The central government's common network and the security network used by the security authorities. Accountability is a natural part of our operations.

  • We consider the special needs for safety and preparedness in all activities. 
  • Our services and their management and technologies are interoperable and standardised. 
  • The service package is uniform and cost-effective. 
  • Customers can easily deploy, use, and maintain services. 

Everything from capacity to publishing platforms

Valtori offers a wide range of services. Our customers are provided with telecommunications, laptops, phones, security services, website publishing platforms, video conferencing services, and cloud capacity. 

The scale of our operations is further illustrated by the fact that we have nearly 100,000 workstations.

See our services: 

User services

Every day user services such as workstations, telephone and mobile devices, and virtual work environment solutions for everyone.


Standardised and cost-effective data security services, such as monitoring services and data security in the service environment.


Reliable back-end services, such as data centre and capacity services as well as telecommunications and integration services.


Services supporting expertise and cooperation, such as architecture services, website platforms, and case management solutions.

For more information about the services and how to deploy them, please contact your own Customer Manager or Customer Service Manager. In addition, see Valtori's customer workspace and Customer Workspace Joiku for more service related information.

Supporting our customers

Valtori user support is available for government employees through service portal support requests and by phone. 

Services are constantly being developed 

This development work will ensure that our services meet customers’ needs and are produced according to these needs in a constantly changing operation and technology environment. Development is carried out in services, products, customer relationships and internal operations.