Sector-independent services for central government organisations

Government ICT Centre Valtori provides sector-independent ICT services for the central government, while taking into account the special requirements related to security and preparedness. Valtori harmonises and standardises services and related service management processes and technologies. This enables customer organisations to use and maintain services easily. At the same time, the central government will have a harmonised, secure and cost-efficient ICT service package.

Valtori provides services in two different service environments: a shared network for the central government and a security network that is used by the security authorities. More detailed information on services and products is available for customers in Valtori's customer work premises. User support is available through Valtori’s service portal. There is a separate service portal and support service for the security network services.

Communication technology services

A collection of modern communication technology services, with which internal communication and communication with various stakeholders is easy.

Terminal device services

Everything necessary for the basic use of workstations and mobile terminal devices in a single package, from equipment and software to support and maintenance.

Telecommunications services

The shared core network, local area and access networks and remote connections enable secure and seamless connections and remote work.

Hosting services

Capacity and data centre services for information systems, including equipment, system software and operating, management and monitoring services.

Platform and system solution services

Shared platforms enable high-quality websites, efficient service and licence management and well-functioning case management, work spaces for co-operation, customer service and online services.

Information security and cyber security services

Valtori’s ICT services include flexible and comprehensive security solutions for data, information security and cyber environments – all available from one place.

Identity and access management services

The services enable convenient centralised access rights management and secure identification that makes everyday operation easier with a single sign-on solution.

Integration services

Seamless transfer of messages and information between applications using different methods. The services also take care of validation, virus scanning and message conversion of the material to be transferred.

Specialist services

Our IT architecture experts assist in the production of plans to support the organisation’s activities with compatible technology.

Support services for ict operations

Support services provide, for example, smooth moving services.