Every customer needs user services, such as a laptop, a phone, and a virtual work environment to be able to work. These everyday tools enable smooth communication both within the organisation as well as with citizens and other stakeholders. Comprehensive instructions and support are available for our services. 

Our customers can acquire the following from Valtori:

Workstations for different needs

  • Working both at the office and remotely is now a real possibility; remote work from industry fairs is also easy with borrowed computers.
  • You get everything you need for basic workstation use in one package: hardware, standard software and applications, and regular software and security updates for the whole lifecycle of your device. 
  • The most commonly used workstation services are Workstation Service Valtti and TUVE workstation service

Mobile devices for mobile work

  • Working is possible by telephone only, as it provides access to the customer's own internal network services. A mobile user can also use the common apps of the central government, such as Kieku.
  • The customer receives a full package: the device, centralised management and support, and security software. Cloud technology is also available.
  • Most commonly used mobile device services are called Mobile Device Service Mobiili and TUVE Mobile Device Service

Virtual work environment services for working efficiently

  • Cooperation within the organisation and between stakeholders is possible through various virtual solutions. 
  • The most commonly used workspace solutions are Shared Workspace Service Tiimeri and TUVE Group Workspace Service TUVE. Cooperation is also enhanced by Presentation Technology Service AV and Video Conferencing Service Video.
  • E-mail communication is handled through Communication Technology Service Perusviesti and TUVE E-mail. The cloud option is Communication Technology Service Pilviviesti.

Identity and Access Control 

  • Centralised license management and easy single sign-on is possible.
  • Familiar services include Identity and Access Management Service Avain and Single Sign-On Solution Virtu. With Avain, central government organisations can maintain their employees' access rights to different systems in a controlled manner from a single location. Virtu is a convenient and fast single sign-on for browser-enabled systems across organisational boundaries. It can be used to log in to both the customer's own and central government services connected to the Virtu network, such as Kieku, Handi and M2.