Operation and communication services include data centre and capacity services, telecommunication services and integration services. They are essential background services, even though they are not visible to an individual user in the same way as, for example, a workstation or e-mail programme is. 

Our customers can acquire the following from Valtori:

Data centre and capacity services

  • Customers will have access to facilities, equipment, firmware, basic infrastructure, and server monitoring and management services as well as server support services. Operating system licenses, telecommunication, firewall and internal name services, and storage and backup solutions are also included.
  • The services implement a central government data centre and capacity service strategy, the aim of which is to reduce the number of data centres and their costs at central government level. Cloud services enable flexible, scalable, and cost-effective capacity utilisation. 
  • The most commonly used service is Capacity Service Vaka-Valtori. A part of it is produced in Finland and some of it in the ETA area. In addition, Cloud Capacity Service Vaka-Pilvi provides capacity from public cloud services.

Telecommunication services

  • Working smoothly and safely both at the office and remotely is possible with a common core network, access network, and remote connections.
  • Government Core Network VY is widely used by customers. It connects organisations to the Internet, to each other, and to stakeholders in a reliable and secure manner. Many customers also use Office Network Service Reitti. It connects customer sites to internal and external network services and connects the organisation's and visitors' terminal devices to a wired and wireless LAN.
  • Remote work is now commonplace for the central government. Remote Connection Service Kauko provides secure access to internal network services anywhere via Internet access. 

Integration services

  • Smooth message and file transfer between applications using different methods. The integration services also provide validation services for the transmittable materials as well as virus scanning and message conversion. 
  • The most commonly used integration service is Shared Integration Platform VIA. It is a centralised messaging service that enables government organisations to reduce the number of connections between data systems and facilitate their monitoring. VIA is a key component of our e-services.