In addition to technical systems, applications and devices, expertise is also needed in areas such as architecture and website platforms. Valtori's Expert and Partner Services enable customers to communicate on their website and in the intranet and manage matters electronically. 

Our customers can acquire the following from Valtori:

Network communications

  • Customers can use online communications services to produce high-quality, accessible, and secure websites. By monitoring and analysing visitor traffic, the user experience of websites can be improved and customer needs identified. 
  • YJA and Sivi are already used by many of our customers. Shared Publishing Platform YJA can be used to produce, publish, and maintain public websites. On the other hand, Internal Communications Publishing Platform Sivi is a service for internal communication, information sharing and interactions within the organisation. 
  • Website Analytics Service Vana is a solution for monitoring and analysing visitor traffic on the website. 

Expert services

  • Deep expertise in architecture, projects, and testing of ICT services. 
  • One of the expert services offered is Architecture Service Varkki. It consists of creating development and solution plans and other architectural work, as well as maintaining of the created plans. Using architectural methods, development is systematic and documented. 

Platform services for experts 

  • Case and service management solutions lead the way towards location-independent and real-time work. The digitalisation and transparency of operations will increase and data management as well as operations will become more efficient. 
  • Our most popular services are Case Management Solution VirastoVahva and Service Management Solution Toimi. VirastoVahva is a standardised public administration case, document, and archive management system. It enables efficient and versatile case management adapted to the organisation's needs. Toimi is suitable for IT services, human resources, and financial administration as well as for core processes. It is a modular system that enables the use of required functionalities and extension of usage based on new needs.