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Valtori transforms: Statewide competitiveness through the Transformation programme

Publication date 16.6.2020 12.24 | Published in English on 7.10.2020 at 10.00
Press release
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Government ICT Centre Valtori is about to launch a long-term transformation programme.

Under the programme steered by the Ministry of Finance, operations will be developed so that it better meets the customers’ needs and benefits the government organisations. 

“Valtori was established in 2014 to centralize the basic IT of 80 agencies. It took years to implement the enormous change, and we entered the development phase of our operations last autumn. The programme combines this and the development towards the transformation goals,” says the Managing Director Pasi Lehmus.

Even though the transformation programme is only in its early phases, the results of development work can already be seen. Customer satisfaction towards Valtori’s operations has increased significantly compared to last autumn: in the spring, Valtori’s score was 2.9, whereas the autumn score was still only 2.3 (on a scale of 1–5).

“The quality improvement programme improved the quality of services significantly just before the exceptional circumstances that we faced in March. During the corona pandemic, Valtori quickly provided its customers with well-functioning remote work possibilities. In addition, we introduced the long-awaited SLA sanctions for our customers’ approval in June,” Lehmus says to provide examples of results that have already been achieved.

“Operating processes have also been developed and, compared to 2018, the recent change and capacity management evaluation carried out by KPMG indicates that there has been significant improvement,” he continues.

“We are still aiming at higher customer satisfaction, which I believe we will achieve through the transformation programme.”

Productivity and cost savings sought extensively 

Through the transformation programme, Valtori will develop the competitiveness of its own services. Cost savings are sought through large competitive bidding processes, automation and the utilisation of cloud services. The aim is to lower customer prices through competitive bidding, efficient service production and supplier and agreement management.

Valtori is already using multiple partners to produce its services, but we are increasingly focusing on the organisation of services. “However, Valtori will continue to produce all the services where it creates added value. These services include, for example, all services of high preparedness of security,” Lehmus says.

The Ministry of Finance commissioned a productivity evaluation from Deloitte of Valtoris operations in the winter 2019–2020. The results of this evaluation will also be used in the change programme.

“The evaluation included positive feedback on professionally produced specialist services and excellent user support, which is of exceptionally high quality. Development needs are related to prices and service quality incidents,” Lehmus says.  

Development work in seven areas

In addition to productivity, development work takes place in seven different areas in total. For example, customer-oriented service development, review of the service offering and the finalisation of the on-going harmonisation based on the Act on the Arrangement of the State’s Common ICT Services.

The programme also takes into account the transforming customer needs, which are increasing with digitalisation, and the parties involved in the ICT of the government organisations, whose roles and responsibilities will be further clarified.

The recruitment of the Chief Transformation Officer responsible for the programme is currently ongoing.

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