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Customer and personnel satisfaction – what is the overall feeling?

Publication date 17.12.2019 9.09 | Published in English on 21.1.2020 at 16.41
Press release
CEO Pasi Lehmus
CEO Pasi Lehmus

As the year is closing, it is a good time to review both customer and personnel satisfaction.

We received 1,887 responses to the comprehensive customer satisfaction survey that we just conducted. This was the first time that service users selected through random sampling were included in the survey in addition to decision-makers and contact persons. Their responses exceeded 3 (on a scale of 1–5) for all areas.

Previously, the satisfaction of service users has only been measured in connection with support request resolution. Valtori continues to receive high scores in this area. The average has stabilised to the 9.2 level on a scale of 1–10.

However, customer satisfaction concerning service quality decreased, which is understandable. In autumn, there were several major incidents concerning the key services, which affected the operations of nearly all customers. 

Due to the incidents, Valtori initiated a comprehensive quality programme, through which the majority of key services have already been stabilised. The quality programme will be continued until sufficient operational reliability has been achieved.

Customer focus is the common thread in Valtori’s strategy. In practice, this was reflected in the customer-specific teams of experts established early this year. The team members are familiar with their customer’s systems and can maintain and provide services on a long-term basis in cooperation with the customers. Customers have welcomed the customer teams warmly.

Personnel satisfaction is at good average level for public administration

Valtori has grown at a rapid rate, and the number of employees has nearly doubled in four years. Valtori was established in 2014 in challenging circumstances, and the satisfaction of Valtori’s personnel has increased gradually year after year.

Currently, the scores are at the average level for public administration or, in some areas, even above it. This year, the scores decreased somewhat (0.05).

Even though the results are still good, the organisational change implemented last spring may have caused the drop, with TORI and TUVE businesses harmonised within the legislative framework.

The change has been implemented carefully because we wanted to wait for the decision concerning the complaint that was filed with the Parliamentary Ombudsman last spring. The decision was given at the end of November, and it stated that the organisational change was compliant with legislation.

We can now better utilise the best practices throughout Valtori in service development, 24/7 monitoring, architecture, user support and procurement. Most importantly, we strive to ensure that customers could use the services with various security classifications more smoothly.   

The capabilities and practices of the TUVE business have already been extended to the TORI business with good results in the areas of cyber security and 24/7 monitoring. This is also reflected in the customer satisfaction survey, in which data security was highlighted as a clear strength.

There is a lot of work for Valtori, and we want to support the well-being of our employees. The objective of the ongoing clarification of strategy is to curb the excess and help employees prioritise.

In addition, the skills requirements are changing, so various opportunities for learning new things will be provided. The “From specialist to architect” training path is a good example, with 12 new architecture talents completing it last week. 

I feel that the storms of autumn are gradually subsiding. I wish everybody peaceful Christmas time and success in the new decade!

Pasi Lehmus

CEO, Valtori

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