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Valtori’s 2018 financial statements published

Publication date 13.3.2019 10.27 | Published in English on 21.1.2020 at 16.21
Press release

The year 2018 was Valtori’s fifth year in business. The harmonisation of customer-specific solutions that were transferred to Valtori proceeded according to plans, but achieving the target state will still take several years of purposeful development. Harmonised services enable high data security, efficient maintenance and systematic service development.

Work to update strategy was started in autumn. The following fixed principles for operations were defined: meeting security requirements, cost-effectiveness of ICT services and uniformity across organisational boundaries. First-class customer experience and understanding form the most important strategic focus area.

Valtori’s key task is to ensure the continuity of its customers’ operations. In 2018, investments were made especially in quality and smoothness of operations, as the services suffered from an exceptionally high number of incidents in spring. However, Valtori was able to balance the situation in autumn. Several measures were taken in relation to this, for example, the efficiency of change management was improved and the threshold for treating an incident as a major incident was lowered. As a rule, the actual service levels exceeded the quality targets set for the most important continuous ICT services in public administration.

With digitalisation, service use continued to increase and customer invoicing increased compared to last year. The unit costs of services decreased due to, for example, competitive tendering processes organised for equipment and voice service purchases.

During the year, the most significant customer project was the harmonisation of the basic information technology systems of the Government. As a result, ministries adopted unified, sector-independent basic IT services.

The collection of user feedback regarding the success and speed of the service was initiated. The received feedback responses amounted to 30,000, with the average score being 9.2 on a scale of 1–10. The score exceeds the average for other similar organisations.

Personnel satisfaction continued to improve. The overall satisfaction score in the VMBaro survey that was conducted last autumn was 3.6, which exceeds the average for public administration. The Valtori 2018 change team was an investment in employee engagement, the objective of which is to accelerate the achieving of Valtori’s common objectives and to obtain the views of experts regarding the changes. Investments in the competence of personnel were made through the Valtori Academy programme and the “From specialist to architect” training path.

Key events and figures for 2018:

  • A chat was opened for the Service portal users, with support also provided in Swedish and service hours extended as necessary.
  • Users provided 30,000 responses when asked for feedback on the success and speed of the service. The average score was 9.2 on a scale of 1–10.
  • All customer environments were included in the ERP system.
  • Valtori played a major role in the technical arrangements related to the Helsinki summit meeting of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in July.
  • The shared and nationally networked emergency centre system for authorities was successfully deployed for the first time in the Oulu emergency centre at the end of November.
  • Work related to the mapping of possibilities provided by artificial intelligent was started.
  • Standardised services accounted for 56% of service billing. These services cover 39 customer agencies.
  • The score for overall satisfaction in the personnel satisfaction survey (VMBaro) was 3.6. Satisfaction improved compared to last year.
  • The number of employees was 1,299 at the end of the year.

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