The service includes everything necessary for the basic use of workstations and mobile terminal devices in one package, from equipment and software to maintenance.

In addition, terminal device services are provided for the service environment used by the security authorities.

Workstation service

The workstation service provides everything needed for the basic use of workstations in one package. The use and maintenance of workstations is easy for customers.

Valtori’s Terminal device services offering now features many new variations (see video).

Special workstation service

Parallel to the workstation service, the customer can use workstations aimed at specialised needs. Special workstations are terminal devices suitable for identified special needs, such as borrowing. Special workstations are easy for the customer to procure, use and maintain.

Telephone and mobile device service

The telephone and mobile device service provides users with mobile devices and offers mobile services and information security software through a centralised control point. This fixed-price service includes the services and support related to the life cycle of devices. The use and maintenance of mobile devices is easy for customers.