The shared core network, access networks and remote connections enable secure and seamless connections, network capacity and remote work.

In addition, telecommunications services are provided for the service environment used by the security authorities.

Core network service

The core network service comprises the core network layer shared by government organisations. It is used to produce fast, reliable and secure network and service connections in a centralised manner. The service connects the customer agencies, offers connections to the shared government and third-party services and provides a secure Internet connection. The shared core network services are provided to the government using the VY network product.

Access network service

Access network services are used to connect the customer’s offices to internal and external network services. By default, the service offers the offices the networks required by Valtori’s other services in addition to the networks required for customer-specific services.

Local area network service

The local area network service connects the terminal devices of the organisation and the visitors to a wired and wireless local area network.

Remote connection service

The remote connection service enables the use of the organisation’s own internal network services from anywhere with a workstation that has an Internet connection. The service is a seamless part of the Valtti terminal device service and it offers its services to Valtti workstations through a secure and reliable connection anywhere in the world.