Support services for ict operations

Support services provide high-quality call forwarding, reliable customer service and smooth moving services.

Among other things, the support services offer high-quality call forwarding, reliable customer service and help with the smooth move of premises.

Call centre service

Valtori’s telephone exchange service YPA provides call centre services and is aimed at Valtori’s customer organisations. The service includes forwarding calls received at the customer's exchange and the related customer service. With the call centre service, the customer obtains the required call forwarding service and the related customer service from one place. YPA serves a large number of public administration organisations and forwards approximately 1.5 million calls each year. This ensures a high-quality customer experience for the telephone exchange service provided for citizens.

ICT Moving Service

The ICT moving service coordinates the activities related to the customer organisations’ sector-independent basic ICT services in connection with office moves. This may involve situations such as moving into new premises, temporary moves due to renovation and actions related to the revamping of premises or closing an office. The service enables organisations to concentrate on their operations even amidst changes, making moving faster and smoother. Moving services can be customised to meet various needs. The use of the ICT moving services also ensures compliance with the information security of public administration in network environments and activity-based office environments.