Shared platforms and systems enable high-quality websites, efficient service and licence management and well-functioning case management, work spaces for co-operation, customer service and online services.

For the service enironment used by the security authorities is provided information system solution services.

Publishing platform service

Publishing platform services enable organisations to provide high-quality, accessible and secure websites that can be used to create, publish and maintain content independent of time and place and with confidence in the high availability and functionality of the service. External communication can be carried out conveniently with the popular YJA publishing platform service, and there is a versatile and reliable Intranet publishing platform available for internal communication.

In addition, shared platforms provide an opportunity to utilise content and skills across organisational boundaries. The service includes a content production and management user interface with add-ons and hosting and support services. When organisations do not have to take care of technical implementation and maintenance, they can concentrate on content production and their core functions more efficiently.

Our analytics service for websites offers a versatile solution to meet the needs of your organization’s website development. By tracking and analysing website traffic, it is possible to improve the user experience of the site and determine customers’ requirements, for example. Our analytics service is suitable for both Internet and Intranet sites.

Case management platform service

The case management platform service enables organisations to develop their operations towards working methods that are real time and independent of place. The service supports information management throughout the various phases of its life cycle and helps agencies digitalise their operations. In addition, it supports the development of online services and increases the transparency of case management. Information management and operations become more efficient, when information is harmonised, targeted at the user and easy to find. The service offers an agency a shared information pool, in which the information is only saved once.

Service management platform service

The service management platform service provides an organisation with a service management environment that meets the organisation’s requirements. The platform is used to manage the agency’s own substance and IT services as well as the IT services provided by Valtori. Depending on the service, users may include the organisation’s end customers and/or personnel.

Application development system service

The application development system service includes Testi, which is a testing and consultation service. Testi offers help with the testing and quality assurance of ICT services. The service can contain, for example, the overall planning and coordination of testing, requirement specification assessment, assessment of the current status of test processes (TPI analysis), functional testing, performance testing, automated testing and usability testing. The service consultants will test ICT services according to coherent quality criteria, in a consistent manner.

Cooperation platform service

The cooperation platform service enables flexible and safe cooperation and networking within the organisation and between stakeholders in an easy-to-use and versatile teamwork environment. The service makes it easy for work groups, projects or networks to manage and share documents, and it facilitates teamwork. It also enables agile project management and monitoring of events in various development teams. Deployment is easy.