The services enable convenient and centralised access rights management and secure identification that makes everyday operation easier with a single sign-on solution.

Identity and access management services are also provided for the service environment used by the security authorities.

Identity management service

With all information collected in one place, there is no need to collect it again for various functions. Utilising the information in the shared system offers easy, controlled and up-to-date access rights management.


Avain enables government organisations to maintain the access rights of their employees for various systems in a controlled manner from one place by utilising the personal data in the shared Kieku system for financial and personnel administration. The key benefits of the Avain service include the timely and controlled adding and removing of access rights, easier reporting and improved information security.

Access management service

The service enables fast and convenient access management for the organisation's own services and the shared government services.

Single sign-on solution Virtu

Virtu provides a single sign-on service for browser-based systems across organisational boundaries. With Virtu, employees can access the agency’s own services and shared government services connected to the Virtu network by using single sign-on (e.g. Kieku, Rondo and M2). In addition, Virtu enables agencies to implement single sign-on access for network applications that they provide and that are also used by the employees of other agencies.