Hosting services offer the information systems of the organisation’s capacity and data centre services, including facilities, hardware, system software, basic infrastructure and server monitoring and management services, as well as server support services. The service solution also offers operating system licences, data communications, firewall and internal domain name services, as well as storage and backup solutions.

As a rule, the services are provided by the shared government production environment, which is compliant with the information security requirements, and from which services are provided for several government organisations. Hosting services are available with various protection and service levels and from production sites in different geographical locations.

The objective of hosting services is to enable government organisations to achieve savings in terms of time and costs. The services are implementing the government's data centre and capacity service strategy, one objective of that strategy being that the number of data centres and their costs at government level will be decreased. Cloud services play an important role here, as they enable flexible, scalable and cost-efficient use of capacity.

The hosting services as a whole are divided into three different products based on the production methods, with data centre and capacity services being provided accordingly. In addition, hosting services are provided for the service environment used by the security authorities.